Saturday, January 14, 2012

Today's marathon effort

I decided this morning that I would have a go at creating a trailer for Flashbyte - which you all know is the fourth byte novel - right?

So anyway... I spent four or maybe five hours sorting through thousands of photos from our stay in VA last year and searching for sound effects and so forth... then putting it all together into something that I'm almost happy with but not quite.

Almost but not quite - because my mouse hand is aching and I've been drinking the same cold coffee for three hours... and I can't quite get the timing right etc etc. But this is my first attempt, so fairly pleased with it.

It achieved what was required of this very windy Saturday - it occupied me! :-)

Now I'm off to make homemade burgers for the family and bring the washing in... had to zig-zag around the washing line to prevent it tangling in the crazy wind!

There is a good chance I'm going to need to pop out for a wee bottle of something winey.

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