Monday, January 30, 2012

This has to be said...

January has been a particularly rough month for our family. It isn't going to get any better any time soon... and that lead me to thinking about friends this morning - and really, being an only child makes friends all that more important. (Just go with it.)

Over the last month I have really come to appreciate people in my life. I think sometimes we loose sight of the little things and what makes life so wonderful.

I was reminded yesterday of a few of those things...

There were 5 kids in the house ranging from almost 13 to almost 2, two greyhounds, Missy the fat grey cat, and four adults. And the brilliant thing? The four of us were free to relax, have a drink, talk... because EVERYONE gets along like a house on fire. It's wonderful to see 5 kids of various ages, two greyhounds and a cat - ALL - get along and happily so, because they simply like each other. They have done since first meeting. I don't know what it is - but they slot together perfectly.

And it is something to be appreciated.

Seeing Squealer and Em together - fills me with joy. Soph, Breezy and Jojo play the most amazing games... it's hilarious to watch/hear.

And Romeo did this.
Yes, he did.
If we hadn't brought him into our family we wouldn't have met the Smarts... again we owe our dog a debt of gratitude! He has enriched all our lives.

And the second thing I would like to say - I cannot imagine how awful this month would have been without my Admins.
Admin One and Admin Bubbles who are not only moral support but who are willing to drop everything and be there - and they do. (Sometimes they arrive before I even know I need them... but that's what they're like - tuned in.)
If it wasn't for Admin One I wouldn't have got home from the Sounds when Air NZ cancelled my flight and didn't bother to tell me - Admin One was fully tuned in that day, because she found out, told me, and I had just enough time to make an earlier flight!

Also - Admin One has been through what we are going through now - twice... she is a font of knowledge and knows exactly what's going on with all of us, and what will happen next. We're both practical people, so being forewarned is awesome. Nothing worse than being blindsided at every turn.

And the most important thing of all - laughter... it is never in short supply with the Admins around! (Or the Smarts, for that matter.)

It occurs to me as I write this... that no matter what happens (zombie apocalypse included) we can survive it with good friends and 6:99 wine. :D

(And just adding to that - Anna and Dave won... their 6:99 wine was much nicer than mine!)

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