Sunday, January 22, 2012

Romeo: the beach dog

It's Sunday - this weekend happens to be Wellington Anniversary Weekend - so tomorrow is a holiday.
This morning we took Romeo and the kids to the beach.

It's Romeo's favorite place. He likes the park and the river... but he LOVES the beach. Running on sand, running along the beach in the water, running into the sea just because he can. No matter the weather he loves it. He even loves the beach without Cleo! (He doesn't like the river without her, nor does he just run for fun at the park without a dog/child to chase.)

But the beach - that's where he's happiest - alone or with company. He will make friends with any dog on the beach  -especially if shows any desire to run, no matter how slight! This morning he found a dog he's met before - a big black shaggy dog that loves to run.
Romeo played with the dog for quite a while - running at the shaggy dogs speed rather than powering away and showing off. :)

Romeo and the shaggy dog Jan 22 2012

Romeo racing back to the girls. Jan 22 2012

Romeo running Jan 22 2012

Romeo and Cleo walking in the water Jan 15th 2012

Breezy and Romeo Jan 2012

Cleo and Romeo - in Nov 2011

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