Monday, January 2, 2012

Jan 2nd 2012

Which makes the date 1/2/12 ha!

Yes that amuses me.

It's the summer holidays (in case you didn't know) and motivation to work is lacking. I sent my edits back to my editor - so don't have to worry about that now.
This morning I tweaked the synopsis for Soundbyte - because I opened it and saw that I hadn't updated it since finishing the book. So I did.
I also opened the short story I was working on... wrote maybe a page then wandered off to do something else!

Last night I created a Google + page.

Awesome fun.

Am over Facebook and it's continual bullshit.

Now I have something awesome to report (dog related awesome).
Some of you will remember how terribly upset, terrified, and panicked Romeo was at Guy Fawkes. We thought he was going to have a heart attack he was so very distraught. We gave him lots of reassurance, tucked him up tight with his blankets, turned the radio on - so there was something to fill the gaps and lessen the shock of the bangs etc and pretty much spent several loooonnng nights with him until the morons stopped setting off fireworks. We had three consecutive weekends of that.
I'd never seen such an extreme reaction to firework noises before.

Well - New Years came along... and bought with it fireworks.

This time - Romeo looked at me when he heard the first bang. I reassured him. Turned the radio on... and he even went outside before bed to pee!! Then I tucked him up with his blanket and he went to sleep. :-)

He didn't panic at all.

We suspect (due to his severe reaction last time) that he'd been in a scary situation before we met him.

Just like how he wouldn't go through smallish spaces and become jumpy and upset at loud noises, would try to escape if anyone cried, yelled, or a door banged, or anyone dropped anything, or smacked anything with rolled up paper (Kids often 'sword fight' with such things -they flick towels at each other too - and the noise of the snap used to scare Romeo too).

Because he's been with us for over 6 months now as a family member which means living with Breezy and Squealer (they're not quiet kids) and having a bed in the middle of the house - I think he's grown accustomed to random loud noises, squealing, crying, household noises, the sound of computer games. Not only has he become used to life sounds but if one of the kids cries he goes to investigate!

He is no longer afraid of life. He is part of it.

Romeo still doesn't like it if one of the smoke alarms beeps (we have two that like to beep once when the sun hits them) but he doesn't immediately leave the area now. He waits a minute to see if it's happens again.

Anything out of the ordinary makes him look to us - when we say it's okay, it's okay. If he's still worried he comes over for a pat. I have noticed that now he'll go to any of us for that little bit of reassurance not just me or Action Man.

Also - Squealer made the comment the other day that she is prefers to be outside with Romeo because he gives her confidence.  I think that's pretty awesome of her to say. I knew it was true, but she can now vocalise things like that... that is HUGE progress.
She likes to walk him when we go on walks.
I did notice last week that she got a bit panicked because she saw a pit-bull x over the road. I had to remind her that Romeo doesn't care. He won't even look at other dogs when we are out walking. He looked at her, she was starting to get upset, so he walked faster.
I reminded her to breath and to trust Romeo like he trusts her. He took her away from the perceived danger and she calmed down.
(I'm always close enough that I can step in should it be necessary.)

Yesterday we took the kids and Romeo to the park - he'd been going stir crazy with all the rain. So, at the park on the cricket pitch I sent the kids off, running as fast as they could... while we held Romeo and got him excited (really easy to do - with excited voices and phrases like "Get the kids!" "Where's Breezy?") when the kids were far enough away that he could get some decent speed up we let him go.
Talk about a happy dog - he passed the kids then circled back around them and us. He ran until he was beat. Then he ambled back to walk with us. I took his muzzle off and clipped his lead back on and we walked across the park with a tired dog whose tail wagged non-stop!

He's waiting for his walk today - the sun is out and he's been outside with the kids while they played on their scooters, every now and then he goes and stands by the truck... damn he's subtle! Guess he wants to go to the beach today. Don't need the truck for the park. :-)

Romeo now - loving the Breezy hugs.

Romeo in July 2011. He'd been with us two weeks and already loved to walk with Squealer.

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