Tuesday, January 3, 2012

It's the third of Jan.

Last night was plagued by crazy dreams - so much so that morning was a welcome relief. They weren't even my dreams they were Ellie's. Brought about no doubt by sending out two review copies of Flashbyte last night. Yep, that'll do it. It's the panic. It's the worry - that this one won't measure up. It's become so normal that I block it during the day - obviously at night I can't and the monster has free reign.

So be it.

Then the sudden flash of terror - where is the quote? Did I include a quote? There is always a quote from someone in my books... what about the chicken? Is there a chicken??? There's a poem, right?

It's kinda funny really - when I asked for a chicken flashdrive for Christmas Action Man asked why. I said, "Have you not read my books?" He looked at me oddly with that you-know-I-have-expression. Forcing me to explain that in every book is at least one chicken - past, present or ghostly. There is ALWAYS a chicken.
He had not noticed my chickens.
Which is fine - the chickens are for me and Sue. They remind me how this all started and every time I see, write, think of the chickens I hear Sue laughing.

So this is where I am right now. In the crazy place - knowing people are going to read this new book and deliver a verdict. But not knowing what that will be. (This is quite a complex book and also the least gory.)

And I'm not sure I shared this awesomeness...

I had two reddit secret Santas!
The second being from France.
And he did his homework!!

Check this out:
Three novels (very much my thing too!!) all by French authors and a fabulous notebook with a hand painted cover!
How freaking cool is that??
I have just finished reading "Unknown".
 Kinda weird reading a tree book after reading nothing but electronic books since May!

Now my secret Santa is quite a cool guy - I did some reverse stalking research. He is one of the authors of this book:

Les Voyageurs de l’Eau

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