Sunday, January 29, 2012

Feels something like... late summertime...

Actually it feels something like the end of summer holidays and the beginning of some sort of peace!
I'm not expecting much peace wise - there is a lot going on here and I'll be flitting about between here and the Sounds a few more times and quite possibly without much notice just like Monday's trip.

Currently - Action Man is trying to put the big market umbrella back together - it's not going well and one of the outdoor table legs fell off too. Yes, that did amuse me. :)

This morning I woke up rolled over and my hand hit ... a tactical case. Action Man had transformed into a gun case? Why no, he hadn't. But he was already up and very hard to see in his camo gear. (Or he would've been if our bedroom was in fact woodlands... and didn't have deep red curtains. He did, however, almost completely blend into the umbrella and large pots of gladioli on the deck while reassembling the table. )

Last night I worked for a little bit - long enough to write up about half of the notes I'd made while away. Long enough to know what I'd written wasn't crap. (Always good!) Working on Pixelbyte. While waiting to get the Flashbyte manuscript back.

I am also reading The Snowman by Jo Nesbo - and it's awesome. The only issue I have is... it's a paperback and it's so damn hard to read! I'm going to have to see if it's available on Kindle!! Seriously - the print is kinda small, and it's a thick book, and there's this whole page turning thing that requires me to MOVE MY HAND. Un-fucking-believable. I am so used to adjusting print size and turning pages by a slight click of my thumb ... that I can no longer cope with paper based books!
Action Man was laughing at me as I tried to find a comfortable way to hold the book and see the words while lying in bed... yes I did have my glasses on! Oh joy - it is available on Kindle!

Also reading Wicked Appetite by Janet Evanovich. It's a disappointing read. I won't be bothering with any other Wicked books. In case you were wondering why... it feels like a formula was used to write the story.

Yesterday we took Romeo to the usual place to play with Cleo. The kids and us adults had fun as always. The dogs had a lovely time but both ended up sore. Romeo stood on something and bruised a foot - the dogs collided and Cleo ended up with a sore shoulder! They were playing pretty rough yesterday - there was a lot of colliding, tripping, cutting each other off - and there wasn't much beach. But they still managed to RUN. Romeo is a little slow this morning. He's going to rest today and tomorrow - then the regular walks to school every morning will begin again.

Didn't take many pictures yesterday - when they were running they were so fast it was very hard to keep up with the camera!

Before Cleo and her family arrived Romeo was playing with a little dog - the owners were only to happy to let our big boy play with their little dog.

Romeo following the little dog -
yes that blur in front of Romeo is a dog!

Romeo watching the kids and Dave.

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