Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Feb 1st... bloody hell!!

What happened to January?

Well it was taken up with all manner of things and some of them even work related... which is good. It seems that the changes happening within Rebel are moving along nicely and won't effect any of you or any of our books out there in the world.
So carry on buying them... go on... get on with it.

Squealer asked for a copies of the _Byte Series to show the librarian at UHC... I had to say no. I only have one set that can be leant and it's in use. She can take a bunch of promo material if she'd like. My lovely child went to the college library on her first day to find out if my books were there and they weren't... she has already spoken to the librarian about rectifying that. (If Heretaunga has had my books for over a year now... UHC should have them.)

Today will not be a work day for either Action Man or myself. Breezy has an audiology appointment - so we have the day off. (Not that I actually get a day off... it's not like everything vanishes so I can do that, but I won't be writing - which I can live with, I've only written about 10 pages in the last week anyway!)

In other news: Romeo has forgiven me for flea treating him a few days ago! Yay! It's horrible when he's not talking to me. :)

I found this on my camera yesterday:

He was thrilled to discover Squealer has a huge pink unicorn and that it's bigger than him!
But turned out it was just too big ... but those other unicorns of Breezy's better watch out. (He's already had a squeeze of them all to see if any make noise. Romeo LOVES toys that squeak or make any noise... not so fussed on the boring ones that don't!)

Suppose I better go get Squealer up - she has her first full day at college today. Awesome. :)

Breezy goes back tomorrow... looking forward to that - she has wanted to go back to school 4 weeks ago! She hated the holidays and would prefer to be at school learning and playing with her friends. Fair enough.

I shall leave you with this from Flashbyte:

He grabbed my arm and pulled me behind him. I leaned on the wall and holstered my gun.
“You hurt?” he asked.
I shook my head, sending fragments of safety glass scattering from my hair. Not hurt but having a bit of trouble dealing with the excessive adrenaline. Jacked. Jazzed. Bit shaky. Blood rushed through my body at an alarming rate. I wasn’t sure if being so close to Kurt was helping or not.
As we listened we heard gunfire, return volleys, and finally a police officer call out, “We got him.”

copyright Cat Connor 2011-12

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