Thursday, January 26, 2012

Did you miss me?

I would like to say I missed you all... but it was kinda nice being dark for 4 days. No Internet was good. No laptop was even okay.

I did work while I was gone - but I wrote long hand in a notebook.

Also, had the urge to draw or paint or something. Neither of which I have done for a very long time. But I couldn't find a pencil. I'm home now. I have pencils. I think I will apply one to some acid-free paper sometime soon.

I did not take my camera with me when I went away. There are no recent photos to share of Mahau Sound. It hasn't changed much since I was last there. Trees are bigger, garden fuller, the lavender hedge is gone, bell birds are still singing. It is still the quietest place ever.

I was about to walk down to the beach today - but Admin One text to say she thought my flight home was cancelled.
It was.
Air NZ had failed to inform me of this. FAILED.
To say I was annoyed barely covers it.
Luckily Admin One text when she did - I called Air NZ and they said they could get me on the 3PM flight. It was almost 1:30 I was an hour and a half from the airport!
I made it with 5 minutes to spare before final check in despite road works!
Still fucking pissed off at Air NZ - especially as I'll be flying this route a few more times in the next little while. And to think I said they were the best airline ever after flying home from Canada on Air NZ. They have nose dived in my perception. I am disappointed.
Had my admin not checked the net and discovered the cancelled flight we would have arrived in time for the 6:05 flight from Blenheim and then discovered I couldn't get home to the kids today. Completely unacceptable!

I came home to a full inbox - most of which made no sense and I quite frankly can't be bothered with it. Right now the only thing I am interested in hearing is when Flashbyte will be released. Everything else is too much on top of what's currently happening family wise. (Full inbox but NO email from Air NZ saying flight was cancelled! - not that I could've seen it... but at least it would've meant they sort of  tried to get hold of me.)

My Flashbyte postcards and fridge magnets were waiting for me when I got home and also some wallet calendars I ordered. Have to get some merch ready for the library talk in March.

So, I'm home - make the most of it, I'll be off again before long.

Ohhh, can anyone guess the name of the book I was reading while in The Sounds? Nope, no clues...apart from it's on my Kindle - so not something I recently got for Christmas!


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