Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Behind Blue Eyes

It's Wednesday. Another beautiful summers day here in the valley.
Yesterday I took Breezy to the zoo. Just me and her. Our day. It was awesome.
She'd never been to the zoo before and loved it.

It was a beautiful day, sunny, hot but not too hot. Just perfect for a day at the zoo.

Today it's uniform day for Squealer. We'll pop over to her new school this morning and get that sorted - two weeks and she'll be a big college kid! Can't quite believe it.

There have been and are some big changes happening with Rebel e Publishers - but the changes won't alter how you all buy our books or their availability. If anything, e versions will be more accessible soon. It's all very exciting. In all honesty, with the more over powering situation happening in our family right now, I'm not as involved in the changes as I should be and feel kinda bad about that. (But also grateful that the team is aware and very supportive!)

Ever noticed that when you ignore someone they spend a lot of time trying to make you take notice?
It seems to really piss some people off to the max.
Oh well, such is life and those special fucktards who wind up trying to weasel their way into it will never get anywhere...

What I need is a karma whistle - you know - like a rape whistle - but to help direct karma to the needy soul who needs a good karmic lesson.

Over the last week I've gotten back into writing. It's been awesome. Pretty sure this has only happened because I have five books to read! My mind hates when I'm doing something that doesn't involve it telling me stories. (At least I think it's MY mind... maybe it isn't [insert Twilight Zone music here] maybe the voices don't belong to me.)
I'm working on the 6th Byte novel. Still currently titled Pixelbyte but with several other possible titles bracketed. Working on it because it needs to be finished. I'm about 30K in and it's going quite well.
I was unsure of the new character, it's not that he isn't cool and all kinds of awesome, because he is... it's that I wasn't sure if I liked where he was taking the story. But I think I'll let him run and see what happens. Have a little faith. Trust that he knows what he's doing.

Yes, that is how I write, deal with it.

And because I love this song and it's in Ellie's head in one of the new Byte novels - could be Flashbyte (coming excited!) but I can't remember! (Or Soundbyte which is the 5th one):

How was your week? Done anything you'd like to share? Any plans for the upcoming long weekend? (Wellington region - anniversary weekend)

Have a good Wednesday (or Tuesday if you live in the slow half of the world).

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