Monday, January 16, 2012

An almost normal Monday.

It is today - almost normal.

Action Man is at work. Dave and Camille are back on the radio. The kids are still in bed. Romeo is still sleeping and dreaming about running with Cleo on the beach - judging by his sleepy conversational barking. It's almost normal.

Except... I don't have to hurry anyone along. School isn't back for another few weeks yet. The kids can sleep as long as they like... and preferably another hour or so, to give me some uninterrupted work time.

I was working last night. For the first time this year, I actually wrote - a lot. What's more, I enjoyed it.

I wasn't feeling much like writing toward the end of last year or over the last two weeks. Not a lot of inspiration was coming my way - and very little motivation. I seem to have conquered that.

On Jan 2nd I sent out two review copies of Flashbyte (which isn't done yet - it's almost there but not quite, another round of editing will happen sometimes soon. When Jayne has time to get back to Flashbyte - life at Rebel is changing and crazy right now.)

Sending those two copies out was insanely nerve wracking.

Much to my relief I got some quick feed back from one of the recipients last night. And she loved it. (HUGE sigh of relief.) And said this is the most intense and gripping Byte novel yet.
(Another HUGE sigh of relief followed.)
This novel was fun but also difficult to write - it mixes the past with the present, and that was really tricky to do.
Also, Flashbyte has the lowest body count yet. (Which will please those of you who don't like in-your-face gore, lol.)

In other news:
We had a great weekend. Got totally sand blasted at the beach yesterday - the Wellington wind sure knows how to whip sand into a frenzy. Despite the sand blasting... everyone had fun.

 The dogs running after Dave (Action Man in the foreground).

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