Tuesday, January 10, 2012

26.7 degrees and it ain't done yet

Okay so maybe deciding this morning (when it seemed coolish... okay not cool just not HOT) to go for a 7KM walk wasn't such a smart idea.

We stopped half way and got a bottle of water for Romeo - which he drank half of straight away and then finished at our destination.

Ya see .. I needed to pick up a script for Squealer and get some phenagan for Breezy. To do that we had to go to Silverstream.

I also needed to walk Romeo earlyish because later today I need to be here for a phone call.

So to Silverstream we went.

I can tell you it was a pretty slow walk home...

Romeo had his treat when we got home and will sleep for the rest of the day now and probably won't need a walk tomorrow.
Breezy is watching "White Fang" on DVD. (Vast improvement on the whining that she was doing previously.)
Squealer is eating frozen peas. (I have no comment, it's just so - her really.)

When we got home I found this review of killerbyte by Mummybrain.com.

Ain't that cool?

Now I'm going to go have a coffee and think about trying to get back to work! :D

After I share this:
A heart shaped plum.


Amber said...

That's a cool review - well done!

Cat Connor said...

Thank you Amber! :-) Quite made my day.

GClarkHellery said...

That heart shaped plum is so cool! Amazing what nature can produce :-)

Cat Connor said...

And it was delicious! :D

I see you...

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