Saturday, December 3, 2011

Really? We still on that?

I was up early - not unusual, I get up early. (kids = no sleep in ever)

While I drank my first coffee I had a look through my blog stats. Turns out people are still finding my blog by searching for "blood on concrete" "Dried blood stains" "Death from chlorine gas" and "cooked turtles."
A few other things cropped up as well.
 Like these:
"Jon Bon Jovi looking sad" - Seriously?
"Decadent thong" - Not even kidding.
"What to do when you're madder than hell" - I like to shoot things - how about you?
"Its not always the looks"
"Every time a coconut."
"How to feel in late November." - I don't know that I've ever told anyone how to feel, lol.
"Christmas cake writing."

Okay maybe that amuses me.
But I'm pretty sure I never wrote a blog about writing on or with a Christmas cake.
But maybe I will.

Currently Bon Jovi are playing on the TV.
It's a year since I last saw them live. So much has happened in the last year it's kinda over shadowed the awesome of seeing them live in Wellington. But the stuff that happened was awesome in its own right.

More about that later: Right now I have a migraine about to kick my ass and writing while trying to see around a freaking big grey hole is not easy.

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