Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Years Eve 2011

Hello world,
It's New Years eve. The very last day of 2011.

Traditionally time for a recapping of the year almost gone and the accomplishments it held... we're going to bullet point it.
  • Breezy started school in Feb.
  • Exacerbyte was released in Feb. There was drinking and cake. :-)
  • Squealer turned 12 on Feb 22nd.
  • Christchurch was rocked by the most devastating earthquake of all: Feb 22nd.
  • March was a month of group therapy for Squealer.
  • Action Man's position at OfficeMax was disestablished on March 31st.
  • Admin One, Admin Bubbles, and I arrived in the USA on April 7th.
  • Admin Bubbles celebrated her birthday at Carmines in NY with Lorenza Ponce. A truly hilarious night!!
  • We left the USA and arrived in Canada on April 29th. (I think!!)
  • We arrived home the same day Osama Bin Laden was killed. My first text from Auckland airport was to Virginia to confirm what I'd heard when we got off the plane.
  • Action Man started work at Fire Security Services in May.
  • I signed the contract for Flashbyte in May - it was waiting for me when I got home.
  • Dionne and Tim moved to Invercargill in June. The bottom of the world!
  • We met, adopted and brought Romeo the retired racing Greyhound home in mid-June.
  • The Boy Wonder turned 20 in late July.
  • We met Anna, Dave, their kids, and Cleo (their Greyhound). Romeo and Cleo became best friends.Our kids became friends. Weekend dog runs and much laughter followed.
  • Jojo moved back up here from Christchurch in August, hooray!
  • Action Man celebrated a significant birthday in August - he had an entire birthday weekend as Admins were away skiing for his actual birthday!
  • I released Torrent as a paperback on October 4th
  • I released Torrent as a free eBook on October 15th.
  • Then came the Romeo and the chicken story for kids and those who love Greyhounds! October 22nd.
  • Also in October I asked Mark Valley if he would read Flashbyte and possibly write a blurb for me. (He said yes.)
  • We hung out on a stand at the Pet Expo with Romeo and Cleo sometime in November.
  • Killerbyte was awesomely reviewed on News Talk ZB in late November.
  • In early December - bits and pieces of Romeo's sad past started to come to light. Anna and I did some research and concluded his former owner was nnnnuuutttttssss.
  • Breezy turned 6 in December. Romeo discovered the joy of birthday parties.
  • Squealer finished her last year at intermediate.
  • I had a birthday.
  • I finally got a cover for Flashbyte!
  • Got the edits back for Flashbyte. Jayne said she didn't want them back until the New Year.
  • School finished for Breezy. She'll be a year 2 in Feb.
  • Just before Christmas another spate of earthquakes hit Christchurch.
  • Christmas happened. I was over it long before it actually happened - big changes are on the cards for my publisher which somewhat killed Christmas!
  • New Years Eve - I sent my finished/edited/manuscript for Flashbyte back to my editor and the acknowledgments too. Tonight the boys are staying - we were supposed to be camping but the weather is utter crap. Admins are also staying - as there will be no sober drivers! We are going to have a great night!!
  • Romeo is hoping Cleo comes home from holiday soon... he misses his girlfriend. No one else can give him a run for his money like she can.
That was about it really... with all manner of crazy shit in between the bullet points that I can't remember!

Hope y'all have a safe and happy New Years.

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