Sunday, December 18, 2011

My week in a nutshell.

Yeah I know it's Sunday so new week right?

Well, let's catch you up on the last week first, yeah?

It went like this ...

Blah Blah Blah ....

No not really. Was more like this.

Fuck Fuck Fuck....

Nope, that wasn't it.

I'll get it right in a minute. Finding the words is interesting. (Yeah, yeah, I'm the writer.)

The thing is this is all in-house stuff - so the upshot is all that really matters, right? All the back and forth stuff was just that.
Long story short.
We had a narrow escape. Nearly lost our Jayne's super duper editing skills along with the rest of her awesome self but no one knew that until last night. I saw the worst contract I've ever seen in my life. Read some utterly incoherent bollocks. Also read some awesome emails from fellow Rebels and then I learned how to slay a dragon.
With the sky clear - not a dragon in sight... and some changes made with group consensus it's all starting to feel a lot like Christmas.
AND you can now buy all Rebel e's electronic books for $4.99  which makes us competitive... and... I now require you to rush over to Amazon or iTunes or wherever you buy your eBooks and buy them immediately! Mine especially because let's face it... this is my blog, ;-)
I want you all to prove that price was the stumbling block because we know it's not the content. The one thing all Rebel books have in common is that they are excellent stories. Excellent.
I dare you to show me a bad review of any of the books.
Go on.
Find one!
I dare you.

Thus far it's only the eBook prices that have dropped. Rebel is working on trying to bring the cost of our paperbacks down, but that's harder because of the way they're created. I'll keep you posted on that.

Friday night Action Man and I went to his work Christmas dinner. Was good fun. Really great bunch of people. First work function I've enjoyed in YEARS. Nice that he's finally working for a company that employs really great people!!
The Admins were babysitting for us. And the kids had a lovely time too. (More importantly they behaved well, which is to be expected.)

And yesterday we finished our Christmas shopping... I hope!!

It's exactly one week until Christmas.


This year has been interesting. Very interesting. Sometime before the New Year I will run you through some highlights. (Of which there were many!)

You know what to do now though, right?
Buy Rebel e books... and yes, you CAN gift eBooks. So get on it, people.

Now... I'm off to craft an email to my mystery blurber and hope (cos I really am Pollyanna) that he gets it, reads it, and replies. (You know who you are... so, if you happen to stop by here... you know what to do!)

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