Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Last minute...

Not quite last minute I suppose... it's 4 sleeps until the fat  bastard man in red arrives.

Last night this short story idea popped up. I think it was last night. Can't actually be sure. The days are all blurring together.
Anyway - I was working on it today. It'll be done tomorrow or the day after, then I'll share.
If you recall there wasn't going to be a Christmas story this year.
Ellie apparently had other ideas.
Other ideas that involve some covert investigating and maybe, just maybe, I'll learn something about Doc.
That would be cool. He's kinda a dark horse. (Okay a blond horse... but that doesn't work as well now, does it?)
So expect a Christmas story - soonish.

Other than that - I installed Office Professional on my PC this morning. Outlook set itself up but didn't manage to import all my contacts. Brilliant. Have discovered Outlook 10 is not so user friendly. Took me ages to figure out where the import button was hidden. Plus the annoyance of going to all my mail programs and saving the contacts lists somewhere I could find them. AND then finding that the import didn't come with names - and not everyone has an obvious email address.
Bit of a pain in the ass production... think I kinda have it sorted now.
Wouldn't hurt for anyone who uses my main email account to drop me a line - just to make sure I have your email because some did not transfer over. (Paradise account, folks.)

So, now, it seems I have to re-write the kids computer schedule... prior to the holidays it was only from 3:30 that they could use the PC was no worries really. But now, with a cool new set of programs on my PC and me wanting to use it... it's the holidays, they're on it all freaking day.

On that note... I'm off to check my email and use MY PC.

Love the laptop...but the cool stuff is now on the PC. :-)

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