Sunday, December 11, 2011

It's my birthday and I'll do whatever I freaking well like...

Okay technically it's not until tomorrow - but tomorrow is a Monday... so, it seemed smarter to celebrate my birthday today.

This morning we went up to see VilifyingAngel and pick up my cute zombie. Which I'd photograph if I could get to my camera. Suffice to say there will be a photo at some stage! Then we came home and took Romeo to the park for a gallop... he chases the kids, it's all good fun. :-)
Nothing more hilarious than kids screaming and running flat out while being chased by a Greyhound... now Romeo is sleeping.
Breezy is annoying Squealer and The Boy Wonder and Action Man are playing various computer & Xbox games upstairs.
We also went to the stupidmarket and got some pate for afternoon tea.

There are a lot of changes happening at the moment - you would know that if you read my blog with any regularity - if you don't, welcome to chaos. I admit to being slightly uneasy about the big changes - but really, when it comes down to it... things can't get any worse so this has got to be an improvement.
Plus- I have lot's of eggs... they're still good and they're not all in one basket.

Next year will be the year I take my kiwi novel and do something magical with it - because I'm listening. I don't know that I believe things have changed THAT much that big name agents will be interested in me this time around but I'm willing to give it ago because Sara believes it. And sometimes you just need a bit of blind faith.

So, it's my birthdayish - and I will do whatever I freaking well please...right now I'm going to go watch something that makes me smile and then the Admins are coming over for afternoon tea.
All is as it should be.

Oh yeah, I put the almond paste on the Christmas cake today. Tomorrow I will put the royal icing on, and it's done!
Guess if we're not having turkey we should as least have Christmas cake.

Meanwhile I have a really funky little zombie hanging on my key chain. Gorgeous kids -yes all of them, a great husband, fabulous family and friends... and let's not forget the best dog in the world!

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