Wednesday, December 14, 2011

I hate this time of year

Yep, I do.

It involves too much yelling and way to much annoyance! (I'm not the one yelling - just to clarify, but I am the one who is annoyed by it!)

Children who have had enough of school already and yet it's not finished yet... and the impending jolly fat man in the red suit who causes all manner of crazy tantrums - these are the things sent to try me!

It seems that children lose their ability to hear and reason at this time of year. They become little shits who fail to see that their behavior isn't endearing them to their parents... and may in fact jeopardise the arrival of Christmas. I'm over it. Makes me wonder why we work so hard to make Christmas special!

But that's beside the point.

Today I found the Christmas tree and decorations - I set everything up so the kids could decorate after school. That went quite well.

Now the cat has taken up residence under the tree:
I think she's concerned that she'll miss Santa...
Which reminds me, I must make Missy and Romeo stockings. It seems only fair.
I've ever done that before.
Jake always had a present under the tree but he sure as hell never had a stocking.
Oh dear.
I think I may have lost my mind!

There was talk of Christmas songs as the kids decorated the tree... luckily it was only talk. It's well known that unless they're Bon Jovi Christmas songs I'm just not that into the whole Christmas song thing!
(Okay...some Christmas songs are okay - but not that freaking awful Snoopy one... yeah you know the one!)

So anyway - pre-Christmas craziness has fully gripped our house. Hope yours is faring better!

It's starting to feel a lot like Christmas... and it's starting to make me want to work!

Maybe I'll write a little bit for the rest of the afternoon?

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