Friday, December 9, 2011

The future...

December is full of birthdays and remembrances. Today was Nana's birthday. We used to say Nana would live forever - imagine our surprise when she died aged 97... I think I actually believed she would live forever.
It was Dad's birthday on Wednesday. Breezy's on Monday. K's on Saturday.
Mine is coming up after the weekend.
We have friend's birthday's too.
Tiaki was yesterday. Marek is tomorrow. Lee is the day after mine. Elaine is the day after Lee.
It's busy.
And it's full of Sagittarius's havoc.
But that's a good thing because after all - we're the coolest of all star signs. No point arguing it, you know it's true.

So anyway - things have been a bit up in the air this year - frustrating, annoying, difficult to negotiate and a few other things as well.

My card kept saying - new path, patience, you'll hear soon, everything will work out,  something big is happening and it's tied to someone of influence overseas - and so forth. Continuous messages along those lines... all the while insisting in patience and that I not reveal my whole plan to anyone as someone a 'friend' was jealous and couldn't be trusted.
Hmmm. If these things had come up once or twice I would've over looked them... but time and time again, now that means something. Something I wasn't seeing.

I listened. I learned a long time ago that listening hurts no one. Being forearmed is smart. So, I set about reversing negative energy that flowed my way from the jealous quarter and I asked some hard questions regarding what I need/want for my career and I got my answers.
I have my direction now. The path is split but it turns out even the familiar path becomes new. You'll find out in the New Year, until then... I've got some writing/polishing/editing to do.

In fact only one thing remains outstanding and I think I have to let that one go. Disappointing because the person who agreed to blurb is someone I really admire and have for a very long time. For all I know there could an email over the weekend with the blurb attached!  Oh look, flying pigs. :-)

And this is the possible new cover for Flashbyte:

and this is my preciousness all together:

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That's a stunning new cover! The covers look so good when they're placed in a row like that. Beautiful!

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