Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Five sleeps...

Until some fat old bastard squeezes down the chimney and leaves stockings filled with crap on the kids beds.

Hooray the madness is nearly over it's almost Christmas.

This is the time of year when people do bizarre things and very little of what comes from kids mouths makes any sense. (Which is only slightly different from normal.)

I'm in the middle of my edits. Which is fun for me and a shit load easier than writing the initial story (despite me having Ellie show me videos etc at every stage while I'm writing!)
My lovely editor doesn't want Flashbyte back until the New Year, which suits me fine. I'll have it all done and dusted by Christmas then take a week to tweak scenes and generally mess around with it before sending it all back.

Now, I can't remember if I told y'all about the huge pricing shift for Rebel books... ALL our eBooks are now $4.99 via Amazon.
I know... exciting.
So, those of you who were stuttering over paying almost $10 for eBooks can now buy ours at half that!! And, they're excellent books... all of them. You won't find better written or more entertaining stories anywhere. Even better... you can gift Kindle books. Yes you can! What are you waiting for?
Christmas would be a great time to start my series... you will have all three read by March and be caught up and ready for number 4 when it's released! (Subtle as a gold brick.)

This week is filling up fast.
Today we went to the park with my friend Rosebud and her son. Tomorrow is Eric day - must find out if he's calling in Christmas day on his way to work! Thursday night The Admins and I are taking the kids to see the Telecom tree so they can ring Santa. Friday night it's drinkies with Rosebud at our place - the cards might get a bit of a work out. Then it's Christmas eve already! (And that will pretty much be taken up with the making of desserts and stuffing of large birds.)

Today's pic of the day:

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