Sunday, December 4, 2011

Breezy's birthday

Breezy had her birthday party today. Her 6th birthday party.

It went something like this and she had a lovely day!

Breezy and Romeo first thing this morning.

And she got just what she always wanted...

And she got just what she always wanted again... (This time from the Boy Wonder.)

Then Cleo and her family arrived... and the day became even more awesome for Breezy.

The Boy Wonder made balloon animals.

Cleo and Romeo hung out.

Jojo had something interesting.

And there was cake!

Tired happy kids and tired happy dogs...and yes, they took over the lounge.
Well, they hadn't but Romeo was on his bed and Cleo was trying to get comfy on the floor so Action Man ran upstairs and bought down Romeo's upstairs bed for Cleo... and she was one happy hound.

Next time - we need to do this with wine for the adults!

That was our Sunday... how was yours?



Admin Bubbles said...

It was a great afternoon and finally met the famous Cleo n family

Cat Connor said...

Ah finally the famous Admin Bubbles makes it to the blog!! :-)

How did you avoid being in any pictures??? Was it because the Squealer has the camera? It's just not right.


hahahaha my word verification word is facklis - it should be our word of the week!

I see you...

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