Friday, December 16, 2011

All I want for Christmas is...

a blurb.


That's it.

That's exactly what I want.

Not any old blurb though. The one that took me ages to find the right contact details for and to dig up enough guts to ask... only to be completely blown away by the lovely response.
That's the one I want.

I've pretty much decided (except for that little piece of me who is very much a Pollyanna) that it's not going to happen, and really I could hardly blame him. Reading my part-way-through-the-editing-process-drivel is not easy. Not easy at all.
The part of me that likes rainbows and crystal chandeliers ... yeah that part - wants to send this person a copy of the cover and a Merry Christmas email, but the other part of me... the one that is a tad cynical and probably has both feet in reality is constantly reminding me that I should move on.
Give it up.
Kinda disappointing to realise that that is what I need to do.

Of course in my Pollyanna world of rainbows when people say yes they follow through... just a shame the real world never quite matches up.

If indeed you were thinking of getting me something for Christmas - an Amazon review would be awesome... I think I need to let the blurb dream go.

Meanwhile, I have a dinner to get ready for, truffles to roll, and Christmas spirit to dredge up.

Take care out there.

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Sara J. Henry said...

Cat - did you follow up? Emails get lost in cyberspace ... it's perfectly appropriate to write this person and say something like, "Hey, I understand if you're too busy or the book isn't quite right for you, but just wanted to make sure I didn't miss an email from you."

I see you...

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