Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Windy Wednesday, 12, review, newstalk ZB

It's windy! Which is not unusual at all. Wellington is known as the windy city for a reason. It's often a tad breezy. :)

Today was one of those gusty days. I reckon it's Mother Nature blowing the cobwebs out. It's all good.

Breezy (the child not the wind) was a little sicker this morning. She perked up by lunchtime though and did a full page of maths, wrote a story, and read. Then I made her rest for an hour or so. Which for her meant she got to watch a movie while eating ice blocks, then later she was playing Club Penguin on my PC.
I have to wonder if the reason illnesses like Scarlet Fever were so serious in the old days is because people were tucked up in bed and not allowed to do anything... (perhaps not having antibiotics was a big consideration too, lol)
We heal faster if we're active. Within reason of course. But having a kid with Scarlet Fever in bed, laying down all the time, is just asking for complications like pneumonia.
Just something I was thinking about as I watched Breezy playing. She's definitely ill. But not wallowing in it.
She'd sooner be at school and so tonight I need to come up with some more maths for her and a few story ideas. :)

My day was busy.

I've now seen many many versions of the potential cover for Flashbyte. I like the 12th one. When Admin One asked me if 12 was relevant to the story I had to think. It's not but 6 is. And 12 is my favorite number and next year my birthday will be 12/12/12 - how fucn cool is that??

I know, right? I haven't looked forward to a birthday like this since I was 12 on the 12th of the 12th. :)

Today had an awesome aspect... one that almost had me climbing the walls in the minutes prior though despite Anna telling me last weekend that she only had good things to say. Was funny cos Breezy new right away that I was nervous and why. (She's a very smart kid and she's a little like me, in that, until it happens anything is possible...)

Here's the link - skip to about two thirds of the way along (39 minute mark) that you won't miss Anna's reviews!

We're secretly very excited by the marvelousness within that link.

And yes, you can tweet Ellie using @EllieConwaySA
And check out her blog: Bounce  and no you won't find out what's happening in the books on Ellie's blog... not often anyway! She doesn't give much away... :)

Meanwhile, how is everyone?

Oh yeah... I really hated the first page of Flashbyte and I didn't know why. I do now. I re-wrote the first page today. *Shrugs* you get that sometimes.

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