Friday, November 25, 2011

Why doesn't this look like my handwriting?

Well, not this obviously... because it's typed - doh!
But the pages I wrote last night. In fact everything I've handwritten in this notebook for this particular book. None of it looks like my writing.

None of it.

So who does this scrawl belong too?

Obviously I wrote it, the pen was in my hand. So it must be mine!

I picked up a notebook from Flashbyte - the hand writing is completely different.


Just found a scene that never made it into Flashbyte - well, I don't think it made it... but it freaking well should have and will if it didn't.
Shut up, Cat... you make no sense.

I guess when I wrote the possibly missing scene - judging by the content - I'd been watching a lot of YouTube videos.

Doesn't explain the very different handwriting in these notebooks though.

At least it all sounds like me - just doesn't look like me. None of it.

Ohhh and I'm waiting for the okay to flash the Flashbyte cover around! I'm hoping we're going with the 12th version - but I can't get all giggly over it until I know. (The hell of the last cover is still fresh in my mind ... )
So, meanwhile, I'm not thinking about it too much. The cover is the picture on both my desktops, it's very cool - but I am not overly attached to it... yet. Should you have access to my desktops you can see it -but that requires a physical presence at my desk! (And if you're a Backspacer you can see it there.)

Still no explanation for the weird handwriting.

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