Thursday, November 17, 2011

The week marches on...

It's Thursday already - just that little bit closer to the end of November and the chaos that is December (in our house).

I managed to post K's birthday present yesterday - airmail, cost a bundle, hopefully he'll have it by his birthday. His birthday starts the December madness and is followed quickly by Breezy's. :)

Today there is a fun new interview out over at Authors block: Where my lack of quirks and favorite morning radio station are discussed. That's right... not quirky.

Oh and here are the three guys who live on my desk:
It's relevant to the lack of quirks in my interview. As it would be.
What else is new?
Nothing much - that I can think of.
Working on the new shiny exciting Byte novel that none of you will see until at least 2014 - because 2012 is Flashbyte, and hopefully the next one will be Soundbyte (probably 2013)... and the one I'm working on now slides in after Soundbyte... so it's a wee ways out yet. It is fun though. I'm really enjoying it. Although I do need to find myself an expert. Similar to how Lorenza Ponce was my go to person for Exacerbyte and all things rock starish - only this time I need a different type of expert. That's all I'm saying. I kinda know a guy... hopefully he'll say yes.

This week, we've all been sick. It's been kinda crappy in actual fact. Some nasty throat virus that makes voices disappear on and off, starts with a sore throat and comes with a headache. Luckily the sore throat only lasts about 24 hours - the disappearing voice and croakiness lasts much longer. Fun.
Breezy was home Monday. Action Man yesterday. Squealer today. I gave it to them all... but apparently don't get a day off. How sucky is that? :)

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