Saturday, November 5, 2011

Usual place, Pet Expo, pandas, _byte?


What more needs to be said? lol

This morning we went back to the 'old usual place' with the usual suspects - Romeo and Cleo chatted, chased, played - had a jolly good time. Romeo's tail just wags all the time he's with Cleo. He adores her. So sweet!
Romeo even went and played with another dog while we had a picnic lunch. (Not sure what breed it was, but maybe some kind of Pointer.)

After lunch we all piled back to our place - think Anna was a little disappointed that none of the 'boys' down the end of the street were out wearing their patches. :)  (I suspect she'd be even more disappointed if she saw them - aged, worse for wear, and friendly - which of course makes them a lot less intimidating than they'd like to think they are.)

Then it was off to the Pet Expo - to show off Romeo and Cleo at the Greyhounds as Pets stand.
Trouble started almost immediately. Dogs settled quickly - but Squealer showed early signs of losing the plot... too many people. She wanted to go see the other animals but didn't want to go with Dave who was taking the other kids, because she wanted to go with me.
So, I went too.
In hindsight - that was probably a mistake.

See, the thing is, Squealer had a map of the exhibits and in bold lettering it said PANDA first floor (or whatever floor it was)... In my defence (and Dave's too) IT SAID PANDA.

(Now you might remember how excited I was to see Panda's at the National Zoo in Washington, DC?) 

Yeah, well, let's just say... I wanted to find the Panda's. :)
It turned into a green milk situation.
(You know - me saying green milk comes from green cows and Squealer, well, squealing about how that's NOT TRUE and there is no such thing... all the other kids think it's hilarious when I say stuff like that. But they're not Squealer and they don't have a Sensory Processing Disorder or Aspergers Traits or any of the other interesting things that our Squealer does.)
So, we were looking for the panda's... and well, Squealer was crying... because even though it said Panda that's not what it meant. It was the name of the building (or something). She's VERY literal. There was no room for .. "but maybe, or what if... or hey, it says pandas I wanna find pandas."
Green milk!
And there were LOTS of people.She doesn't cope well with people especially that many. And Jojo wanders, and she was worried he'd get lost... really? I've never lost a kid yet, and it's not been through lack of trying some days!! I'm pretty good at keeping track of small people in crowds.
Up shot was - a pretty controlled meltdown. (Helluva improvement to what would've happened 2 years ago... which would've been a monumental hysterical fit.)

So, no pandas.
No chinchillas either - very disappointed about that. How am I supposed to find out how many it takes to make a full length coat if I can't find the chinchilla exhibit?
Just sayin'.

But tonight, while I was telling the Admins about the expo and the disappointing lack of pandas and how I couldn't locate the chinchilla's so am no closer to a snuggly winter coat - Squealer laughed about it!!!
WTF? Have we made progress without my noticing?

So anyway - was a busy day. Romeo is knackered. He got no naps today - and usually he sleeps for 3 hours plus after his weekend run with Cleo... today he had to stand around and be patted by strangers for 2 hours after his run! (It's not easy being fabulous.)

Admins got home from snowboarding today and came for an afternoon visit - then stayed for dinner tonight - Admin One and I made Toad-in-the-hole! So easy and yummy
We also sat around brainstorming photography bits and pieces looking for the perfect title for this new _byte novel - which has to do with photographs and so forth. we ended up Googling photographic chemicals.
And have added: Xtolbyte, Metolbyte, and FXbyte to the list of possibilities. (I'm still bouncing back and forth between pixelbyte and digibyte... kinda like the sound of metolbyte or FXbyte too.)

This is one of the pandas from the National Zoo in DC.
Admin One took this lovely shot.

Stirrer? Me? Surely not.

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