Thursday, November 3, 2011

Sometimes you just need to laugh

This week has been busy. Awesome busy. New book busy. OMG, it's so great to have this new byte book unfolding in front of me.
Yeah I know - I'm always writing a new book. Because, yeah, here it comes... I'm a writer. I know, right... how great is that? :)
There is a good chance that I might be a little bit of  a smart ass, as well.

Okay so here's the thing.

This book hit me upside the head with an opening line that I just love and a brand new character. A new character.
He makes this so much fun that in the last three days I've written 13K.
It's a guy by the way.

That's it, you don't get any more.

This kinda smack-me-upside-the-head-wow-I-love-this-character hasn't happened for me since exacerbyte. For good reason, in both Flashbyte and Soundbyte there are no new main characters or characters that are likely to make a return appearance... except for the new one in this book... but he wasn't really in the last two I wrote. He is mentioned, and he is Soundbyte but not.
It was high time someone fresh and new came on the scene and not just a new bad guy - they're a dime a dozen.

Wrap that up in an enigma then try unraveling it with a riddle, why don't ya.

So far - it's looking like the new book might be called Digibyte. That's not definite, because I can't make a decision right now. I'm still messing with titles that end in byte and somehow make you think 'images'.

I was working tonight - big scene, lot's of gunfire and scary shit... then Rove LA came on the TV, and LLCoolJ was one of the guests. It is not possible to write a serious 'you're about to die, first person, home invasion scene' while laughing - yes, laughing and why? Because LL's laugh is extremely infectious.

In other news:

SSA Ellie Conway interviewed horror author and friend of mine, Brandon Ford, over on her blog.

My publishers, Rebel ePublishers have started a book club. How cool is that? Pretty cool, huh? But wait there's more: killerbyte is the book of the month and they're giving away 50 downloads of killerbyte. I actually don't know any real details, because Rebel's marketing people are doing this. But go here Rebel eClub and sign up, you'll find out what it's all about!

I think that about covers my week so far.
Crazy busy writing  - which is what I love to be doing.
Just don't expect me to be capable of holding a conversation or to get to weeding the front garden... I'm sinking into Ellie's world quite quickly and it's hard extracting myself.

Can any of you remember how many books I've written this year?
You can't count Flashbyte, that was mostly written at the end of last year and only finished earlier this year. (Due out Feb/March 2012 people)


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