Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Scarlet fever and magick

Who'd have thought I'd ever put Scarlet fever and magick together in a sentence? Yeah, not me either.

So today - Breezy said her throat hurt. (It's been sore since Sunday night but she's been okay with it, just says every now and then it hurts and then once she's had Pamol and Nurophen it's okay for a few hours.) I already had a doctor appointment for her, because she had a sore throat yesterday and was pretty miserable looking.
Today she developed a red rash.
I looked it up. Yay for Dr. Google.
But really, Scarlet fever? What were the odds? I hadn't heard of it in years. But that's what it looked like, and that's what her symptoms pointed too. Hmmm. I must've gotten it wrong.
Off to the doctor we went to be told - SCARLET FEVER.
Not only that, but our lovely doc looked at Breezy's throat and said she was VERY ill. The same kid that bounced along the road with me, talking non-stop. Sure she didn't eat breakfast. (But she ate all her dinner last night.)
She's on antibiotics for the next 3-4 weeks. The antibiotic that kills strep quickly, penicillin, is the one Breezy is allergic too  - so we're stuck with a slightly less effective antibiotic for longer time!
She can't go to school.
She now will miss out on swimming lessons. Her class started swimming yesterday. By the time Breezy gets back to school - swimming will be almost over!
Sucks to be Breezy this year.
It really does.
She's pretty much been constantly sick since June. We have no clue why or how she is picking up these very nasty bugs... actually we do. It's gotta be coming from school. Someone in her class is a little tiny Typhiod freaking Mary.
I'd like to dip the entire class in bleach.

I don't recall any of the other kids ever being this sick before. Breezy's not the kid you'd expect to be sick either. She's the one who does eat her veges and will try everything on her plate, she goes to bed at 7PM, she sleeps well, she spends more time outdoors than in, she's tall for her age and the correct weight for her height - in other words she's a perfectly normal kid who was always really healthy.

Her sister however would be happy if the entire world contained nothing but white food with no taste... that's a little unfair, she's almost 13 now and has in the last few months, begun to try different foods!!! Goes to bed at a reasonable time but has never really slept properly. Hates being outside because that's where the bees/flying insects/bugs/unpredictable things are and is painfully thin - admittedly the thinness is partly genetic... maybe 70% genes and 30% eats fucn nothing of any value.

Ironic isn't it?

So anyway - that will be the next few weeks for me. Sick child. No school. SAD Greyhound who is used to walking or running every day and hasn't been out for two days now.

About the magick.

Had to drag out some spell books today - (nothing to do with Scarlet fever or the germ carrying beasties at Breezy's school) - A scene cropped up the other day in the new Byte novel. Ellie considered that she may be cursed. Which led to me having to find a Hoodoo spell to remove a curse/hex/whatever. And let me tell ya, this will make Ellie cringe. :)

Right, I'm out of here.

Y'all take here out there.

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