Saturday, November 19, 2011

Saturday: Doesn't feel like late November

In a week and a half it will be December - we're still wearing fleecy sweatshirts and jackets. Summer has forgotten us here in Wellington.
It seemed as though summer was almost here - then today at the beach... the cold wind, grey sky, and general dreary outlook made me think summer may never happen. Quite frankly spring was a bit of a non-event too.
Quite glad I'd already had one (and a very warm lovely one) early this year in the other hemisphere.

Despite us humans freezing our bits off on the beach the hounds had their usual marvelous time. Romeo is now fast asleep under his blankets.

In other news:
I am banning all mention of occupying (anything, don't care what it is - don't tell me about it.) and tea (cups, pots, bags, or leaves.) - again don't care, so shut up. Suffice to say the political parties that caused this tea bullshit will not be getting my votes. The crap from the last week has fully convinced me to stick with my usual party, thanks for that.
While I'm banning things... considering a full seasonal ban of Snoopys Christmas. Squealer told Dave today that he made me yell at the radio by playing Snoopys Christmas. He, of course, thought it was very funny. (I obviously have to be more careful what I yell/say/do when Squealer is in the room, turns out she's a bit of a nark. lol)
Used to love that song but every year it gets played earlier and earlier... now, I'm over it.
Get BETTER Christmas songs!!
Maybe we should only have Bon Jovi Christmas songs. :)

So where are we now?
I'm in danger of becoming very Grinch like regarding Christmas.

I saw the first draft of the long awaited FLASHBYTE cover this morning. First draft. I have sent back my thoughts and what should be changed. It has potential.

Killerbyte will be reviewed by Anna Smart on NewsTalk ZB on Wednesday morning about 11:30.

We've all been sick this week, it has become apparent that someone in Breezy's class is a Typhoid Mary. There has been a constant stream of germs this year. I'm hoping whoever Patient Zero is that they aren't in her class next year!!

The latest Byte novel is coming along nicely. I'm enjoying it. A lot. It's definitely fun.

It's almost Breezy's birthday. We did the invitations last night. This time of year invites have to go out early... we're all running out of weekends before Christmas. :)

I am sick to death of grizzly children.

Over it.

Might be a bit cranky myself.

I suggest no one annoys me for the rest of the weekend.

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