Saturday, November 12, 2011

Saturday, culling, writing, ranting

Hope you all are having an awesome weekend.

Mine's been pretty good so far.

Started with the beginning of the Facebook personal page cull [which is now done - 700 people have gone], so don't be upset if you find you've disappeared or I have disappeared... nothing personal.
I have a Facebook page - which is for people who aren't family or who aren't people I actually know. Feel free to join us over there and hang out with me and the Admins. Half the fun is trying to figure out which comment is mine and which belongs to one or other of the Admins. :)
Cat Connor Facebook page.

What else did I do today?

Well, we did the groceries. [Big Milk - to those of you who've been around since Squealer was a baby.]

Then we took Romeo out for a run with Cleo at the new usual place - which is by far his favorite place. He had a ball, as usual. [It's the usual place so really the usual things should happen.]
The kids buried a dead bird.
JoJo found half a set of dentures. Didn't look close enough to determine if it was an upper of lower set... and we never found the rest of the person.
Not sure if that's comforting or not.

I had a brief thought before we left to meet the usual suspects that I should grab a copy of terrorbyte for Anna - but that seemed kinda presumptuous. And I ummed and ahhhed then got side tracked... as it happens I should've. So will have to remember next time.

My panic over Anna and Dave reading killerbyte has subsided. [I know Anna will like the next two - because IMO they're far better than killerbyte... killerbyte is an awesome book - no two ways about it, but it's the beginning. I know the characters so much better now and they've grown so much, it's just how it is. If terrorbyte wasn't better and likewise with exacerbyte then I'd truly suck at my job. ]

Of course it remains to be seen how Flashbyte stacks up. The closer we get to release date with that the more panicked I'll become... but right now, it's a ways away so I'm fairly calm.
[As calm as someone waiting to hear back from someone she really admires and who agreed to blurb for her as a person can be.]
That's all. Not telling you who it is. You'll find out when the person has read Flashbyte and gets back to me.
No pressure, it's only been a month and it's not like he the person doesn't have a really fucn cool day job.

In case you missed my rant and Ellie's rant regarding research - here they are;
Cat's massive rant about the phrase fuck-all.
SSA Ellie Conway's rant about research why writers need to research.

Now that's out of the way, I'm going to slide back into Ellie's world and see what the FNG wants now.


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