Saturday, November 26, 2011

Saturday and all is well...

This morning I was pleased to find my foul mood from yesterday had buggered off. Yay - you all get to live another day. :-)

We just got back from voting. Decided to walk Romeo to the polling booth - kinda kill two birds with one stone (so to speak). He's now hot and panting behind my desk and we've voted.
Have to say I'm disappointed at the non-sticky stickers! Mine fell off before I got out of the school grounds.

Hmmm... Kane just vaulted over his front fence wearing board shorts? Now you don't see that every day! The vaulting bit, sure - but board shorts... nah. lol

So, yesterday I was in a filthy freaking mood for no apparent reason. Although being trapped at home for a week with sick child may have been a contributing factor.
Because really, it wasn't a bad week - work wise for me. I got to see the possible new cover for Flashbyte. I re-wrote the first two pages of Flashbyte because for whatever reason I hated the beginning - and finally figured out how to fix it. And there was a fabulous review on NewsTalk ZB of killerbyte. Plus I made some headway in the latest Byte novel. Gotta say I do love this story - no fucn clue yet where it's going, but the journey is fun! The new character turned out to make more sense than I first thought and he also surprised me. I like that in a character.

And for fun (because writing is sometimes more fun than I can cope with and I need to do something else for a bit) I decoupaged the sides of my desk mobile. (I have three, I chose to decoupage the one without handles on the drawers - cos handles are a pain in the behind!)
The Boy Wonder says decoupage is me tapping into my inner 16 year old self. He may be correct, pretty sure the parental units would not of been happy if I'd done this to my drawers back then... but this is my furniture, I can do as I like. :)
Here let me show you:
This the front - been like this for awhile now:

And this is the side that faces the room - a little more PC than the side that faces me! (Not by much though) And there is an extra special wee comment toward the bottom left that my Admins will enjoy.

I'm not going to show you the side that I see - at the moment. As I just found some more pictures to add. :-) There are a few expletives on my side.

So, how is your weekend going?

We're off to run Romeo tomorrow - must actually remember to get more batteries for my camera and use the thing!!

Got my Reddit Secret Santa match today. Brilliant. Will organise his gift next week!

Happy thanksgiving to all my American friends xxx.

Breezy is now singing "Work for the working man" Bon Jovi... for the last two days she's been singing songs from Lorenza's album Soul Shifter, so this is a change!

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