Monday, November 21, 2011

Monday, Christmas cake, Writing, and stuff

I think I've tried to write this three times today between playing with the sick child, giving the sick child medicine, cleaning, installing a new printer (little more complicated than usual - little fancier than usual), making Christmas cake, cleaning up after sick child, doing a tonne of laundry, fielding phone calls, preparing roast chicken with garlic stuffing, and yeah, trying to get some writing done.

So, yay, finally got here and the post may get finished this time!

Where to begin?

This morning I had to finish making the Christmas cake - the fruit soaked over night. So, by 11am I was able to finally get to the cake making. I had a limited time frame. It takes four hours to bake a Christmas cake - and three hours to cook the chicken I had decided to cook for dinner.
So cake first.
I forgot how hard it is to mix that large a quantity of fruit and cake batter... the wooden spoon was not going to cut it. I ended up using my hands, was up to my elbows in delicious cake batter by the time it was ready to be spooned into the cake tin. :)
The cake is cooked and cooling on the bench.
Now the chicken (stuffed with garlic and peppers) is cooking. In about half an hour I'll add the veges.

A few times today I tried to work... it was both successful and unsuccessful. In the end it just became seriously annoying a little frustrating. The writing was going well but the constant interruptions were just not working for me. Then I couldn't remember some fairly important details from the end of exacerbyte, so had to pull the book off the shelf and read the last two chapters. Not exactly a hardship but frustrating because I couldn't remember. Who wrote it? Yeah, me! lol

I think I forgot to take my vitamins this morning.

Yesterday I exhausted the ink cartridges in my Canon printer. So it was time to install a brand new HP printer/scanner today. As stupid as it sounds, printers are disposable. They shouldn't be, but replacement ink is so expensive it's cheaper to buy a new printer. Especially when you can pick up a brand new printer for under $45.
Now that folks is nuts.
I didn't always toss printers. Action Man used to work for OfficeMax - so we got a discount on everything. But ink was still more expensive than a new printer.
So, anyway, today I installed the new printer/scanner - different to just plugging a printer in and expecting it to work by magic, this one actually had software! It's nice. It's HP and it's talking happily to my Compaq's. The Canon had recently decided to only speak to the laptop and not the PC. Stupid thing. (The Canon is the stupid thing not the laptop or PC - which are both Compaq's and awesome.)

I'm kinda hoping that tonight I can get some writing done (some sleep would also be beneficial). The new Byte book is amusing me at the moment. I just figured out who the new guy is. (He's the one I refer to as the FNG.) He's fun. I like him. He's giving Ellie a run for her money, and that makes him fun for me to write.
I still don't know that much about him though. I know who he is, what he does and what he used to do... but apart from that, he's quite the mystery. No music has popped up when he's in a scene or anything that gives me much insight into what makes him tick.
I'm a little fascinated by him to tell the truth.
A bit of a mystery is interesting.
No doubt he'll reveal more as the story unfolds... or not.

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