Monday, November 7, 2011

Look what arrived today!

Thought I saw a courier outside this morning. But I didn't look out the door properly so completely missed the box on the porch! The kids found it when we were leaving for school. So I put it on the table for later... thinking it was the new cap and tee shirt I'd ordered. It wasn't! I'd completely forgotten about the copies of Torrent I'd had printed. LOL. Seriously, life gets busy - who remembers these things? 
So now I need to decide whether or not to make these available to everyone. At the moment Torrent is available as a download via Smashwords - see link over at the top on the right.
I don't know that it really needs to be a paperback as well?

Am having some blogger formatting issues today - that's not unusual, it is annoying though... grrr.

From Saturday night until this morning, we've had a VERY upset dog. He was so scared I thought his heart was going to give out. He won't go outside for anything after dark... even during the day a door banging or someone dropping something terrifies him.
Fucktards who let off fireworks ALL FUCKING NIGHT on Saturday night. Not those pretty sparkly ones but booming fucn explosive ones that scared the bejesus out of Romeo. And last night... more of the same but thankfully further away.
We've never had this kind of extreme fireworks around here before - let's be honest who the hell can afford to burn money like that? Well, it seems some people can... shooting fireworks at each other - that's real smart.
So anyway - I was up with the dog on Saturday night... consequently last night I fell asleep at quarter to eight and didn't wake up until 6! Action Man was on dog duty last night. Reassurance and hugs is what Romeo needed.
The cat (who never used to care about fireworks but this was extreme) got so scared she vomited under my desk -- she was hiding under there.

Quite glad this fireworks stupidity is now over... as Action Man said over until New Years, at least.

Okay so back to fondling the pretty copies of Torrent I have in my little hands.

Got some work to do today - now that the house is quiet.

And Romeo looks like this instead of shaking and panting...


I see you...

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