Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Little help?

Good morning!!
It's Wednesday. Once again please ignore the date and time on the top of my blog. Every time I change it - well, it changes back. My blog likes to operate in Eastern time, just quietly, it's my preferred time zone too.
Now on with Wednesday.

So, you may or may not be aware that a new character emerged over the last few days. I knew he was coming, but even I didn't know the extent of his awesomeness. Oh, and yeah that means I'm working on a new Byte novel. (Having finished the 5th Byte, Soundbyte, a month or so ago - finished enough that I can shelve it and let it mature some before I hook it back out for a last tweak and submit it to my beloved publishers.)
So this is new. Thought maybe it was a short story - wrong. Way too big to be a short. Way too big. And it starts with a bang. The only issue I have is - the name. I'm kinda stuck on pixelbyte.

Action Man suggested Picabyte - which is hilarious to say. (Go on, try it...) BUT - a pica is a typographic unit of measurement and I need something that makes you think images, photos - that kinda thing and preferably related in some way to computers. (PICA is also the Photo Imaging Council of Australia. - doesn't quite work for me, there are NO Australians here.)
It's also a bizarre eating disorder - that has nothing to do with the new book and will probably confuse people who see the name Picabyte.

So, something that indicates images are involved and sounds good with byte tacked onto the end. Even better if it is close to a real word!

Little help here people. I'm stuck!!

So, how's our week?

Yeah, that's all I got!
Apart from a very cool new character who I am enjoying - a lot. He is awesome. And this is fun. BIG FUN.



Thrash Cardiom said...


Thrash Cardiom said...

There is also exabyte and qubyte

I'd suggest Petabyte but it sounds a bit too...

Anonymous said...

So far the published novels are
coming Feb/March is

Soundbyte is written

I kinda screwed up the byte order so couldn't use anymore actual bytes!
Ha - Petabyte - it really does sound... I twisted that title to Pedabyte - and the book that was written with that title is exactly about that. (high ick factor)


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