Monday, November 28, 2011

It's all kinds of cool...

Yeah, really, all kinds!

Awhile ago I wrote a little story for some groovy kids I know. (Two of them are mine.) And y'all know I don't write kids stories. So writing one was not the easiest thing I've ever done. However, it was fun.

I'd already written a little story about Romeo and Missy the fat grey cat. Kinda a kids story but probably not what most kids would read. (This is largely to do with my refusal to 'dumb stuff down' for kids... if you don't use different words how are they going to grow a decent vocabulary? Also, the subject matter - Romeo is not your typical dog, he's just a tad up himself at times and Missy has a good measure of British Blue in her - hence she's got a lot of snooty trollop potential...)

So, ya see... I had this idea.

I thought (as a gift for the kids in the book) it would be cool to see it in print. You know with an ISBN and all the drama. And that is what I did.

And this is what it looks like:

I had two proof copies sent. One for me and one for Anna.
We haven't decided yet what to do with the book but I quite enjoyed creating this - which means there may be another Romeo/Cleo/Missy the fat grey cat book on the horizon. (And the fact that Breezy's class enjoyed the Chicken story helped with that thought!)

Romeo is quite pleased with it too:

Can you tell?

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4-legged Wiums said...

This is probably the most random comment you've ever recieved.
I heard about your book and had to check it out.
Your Romeo (he was our Arrow) looks impressed with it. If you want to, check out our blog, if you look at posts prior to July 2011, you'll see a lot of photos of a certain white & black greyhound (whom we miss terribly).
- Helen

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