Friday, November 4, 2011

A gamer??? Oh God no....

This morning I settled into working on the NEW BYTE NOVEL. Yes that did require all caps, so there. (And I might've poked my tongue out...)

We have a tentative title.


I was reading last nights work - and quite pleased with how it's shaping up. (It's early days and so far the character and story are playing nice - as nice as any of my characters play... oh, shut up - don't question me!)

Anyway, I was reading... Mr. New Character was trotting out some fine performances - I was pleased with his progress. Then it hit me... I don't know what music he likes.
This just won't do.
My characters all have music - something that helps me write them.

I wasn't overly worried - it's early. I've only written about 15K. If at 98K I'm still clueless as to the inner depths of this guy, then we'll have a problem... and a crap character who needs substance - but that's beside the point.

I'm sitting at my desk, writing... Ellie and the FNG (= F------g New Guy) are getting on quite well. That's a little scary. She's not the most welcoming of people when it comes to FNG's.. and he's not your normal FNG -not even close.
That's when it hit me.
When he's not doing what he does (and it's not something you'd think of, trust me.) .... he's a gamer.
Oh dear God, noooooo.
This is worse than having a character who likes rap.
A gamer!
He's a Modern Warfare player. Loves his Xbox. (If I find out he's tea-bagged anyone I may have to hurt him - really hurt him.)
How'd this happen?
Seriously? How? I don't get it.

Although I should be grateful - it could be worse. (If I tell myself that often enough, it WILL be true.)

But - he is funny.

Funny is good.

It could be worse  - he could have been a WoW player.
If that were the case I'd probably blow him up. Yep, I think I would. Guess he doesn't want to leave in a body bag?
Be more like a sandwich bag - what with the C4 an' all.

There might be a sneak peek at the first page by the end of the weekend.



I was invited to be part of this: The Girl's Guide To Surviving The Apocalypse. I'm so excited to be part of what will be a fabulous collaboration.

Going to be working on my first post over the weekend.


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