Wednesday, November 30, 2011

First day back at school.

The joy of having two computers... I can play Human Target on one while blogging on the other. Sure, that would work with a TV and a computer too... but I'm at my desk and can't be fagged walking across the room. :-)

Breezy is finally back at school today! Hooray. Romeo and I are enjoying the peace. Doesn't hurt that it's a beautiful sunny day and we spent an hour outside enjoying the sun! I was reading  - he was lying beside me on his bed (with Fat-fat, who likes to lie in the sun with R.)

Can you say awesome?

Earlier - I was working. Also awesome.

The reading was also work... I'm re-reading Flashbyte getting my brain ready for the next round of edits.

I still can't show you the cover. Hopefully I'll hear soon if it's actually THE COVER!

A couple of things are still flapping in the wind... hopefully they'll fall into place soon too. :-)

Meanwhile - I have some changes to make to the file for Romeo and the Chicken. Then, we might just release it.
That's pretty exciting, right?

Right back to work for me... new chapter begging to be written in Pixelbyte/xtolbyte/Metolbyte/Digibyte ... whatever it ends up being called.

Oh, yeah, and I kinda want to watch this episode of Human Target. :-)
It's the one this picture is from:

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