Friday, November 11, 2011

Few things annoy me more than...

Phrases used in the WRONG context.

Seriously. Fucks me off.

Case in point - the book I've been wading through the last few weeks. Always sad when a sequel doesn't cut it... but I was determined to get to the end and find something redeeming.

I found annoyances.

Weeks after an apocalypse supermarkets are not going to be full of FRESH food, they're going to be full of rotting food... thank you!

Cell phones, power, Internet still working? That's awesome... because they all seem to fall-over regularly and require constant human intervention in the world as it is now. I guess in 3 years time we've perfected the art of communication and thousands of people will be out of jobs? Won't need maintenance personal or techs because it'll just all work perfectly despite an apocalypse. Nah, not buying it.

Look harder, Cat... there has to be something here that can save it.

Then I came upon yet another use of the phrase 'fuck-all'.
How the hell can someone get THAT wrong??

It's means none or nothing.
Let me demonstrate:
"Hey Bro, whatcha been doing?"
"Fuck-all mate, you?"


After scouring the TV guide and finding nothing of interest to watch. "There's fuck-all on telly tonight."

Get it?

That is the only use for fuck-all. It doesn't mean lots, or good, or anything else... it means none or nothing or sometimes, very few.

There were fuck-all biscuits after Action Man raided the tin.

Even the urban dictionary has a definition:
Fuck all

So, why use it to mean whatever the hell this author tried to make it mean.

You cannot "run like fuck-all". (run like nothing?)
Not sure how you can "toss fuck-all to the wind" (Toss nothing to the wind?)
The wind was fuck-all cold. (The wind was nothing/none cold?)

Oh dear God... doesn't make any sense at all!!

I am disappointed, because the first book in this series was fun. It was. I enjoyed it. I looked forward to the sequel with interest. How was he going to write a female main character? What was going to happen to everyone?

This one however was waffly. I was constantly pulled out of the story by way too much internalisation and too many 'blog posts' which seemed to be extensions of the internalization's - which were a tad too touchy feely for my liking and went on and on. (I'm not stupid, I get it.)
I'm sure some woman do that, but none that I know.

The main character in this book was a character I didn't like in the last book. Well, not even that, I didn't feel much for her at all. She won't stay with me. To be honest I can't remember her name! Because there was nothing to latch on to and she didn't make me feel anything except the urge to smack her and the writer upside the head.

Disappointed is the over all feeling.

Now moving on.

Usually when I read something I don't like, I stop and ditch it. I don't tell anyone.

I'm not mentioning the author or the book here. Just my annoyance at it.

I'm not going to finish my coffee and contemplate a day or work with my new character who is really ticking Ellie off. (Awesome!)

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