Sunday, October 16, 2011

Seeing Double?

I think the guy across the other side of Trentham Memorial Park may have thought he was seeing double this afternoon... as Romeo and Troy raced across the width of the park to say hello to him and his retriever. (I figure it was a retriever - cos from where we were it looked a decent size... not like the random balls of fluff that people walk on those running leads - which (little heads up to you people will balls of fluff on running leads walking miles in front of you) to Greyhounds look like a lure on a wire.

The boys can really move.

It's quite fabulous seeing them run like that.

Romeo first ran around and played with Oscar (Troy's huntaway house mate) then Troy was let free of his leash... and it was game on.

First run Romeo has had in a week... and he LOVED it.

I liked seeing the boys together - it's a different dynamic to Romeo and Cleo. Romeo and Cleo are family.
(More about that shortly)
Romeo and Troy are ex-racing hounds, the same weight, same height, big and strong (- almost identical markings.) There is no pulling back.
There was a run, a short conversation, and then it was on, baby.

Good ol' Oscar was doing a pretty good job of trying to keep up. I don't think he really cares that he can't keep up, he just likes running!

So anyway - back to the beginning of the walk.
I'd spent almost all day learning how to format a manuscript for Smashwords and then creating a cover. It's here in case you're interested.
I was busy. Romeo was whiny. Really, whiny - pacing, whining, wanting to go for a walk.

By half past four he'd almost forgotten about it - I told him to get his gear... boy, did he remember fast!

We walked across the park, over the stop bank - Mr. Whiny Pants wanted to head down the river trail. Fair enough. It's a nice walk. The girls wanted to go toss stones in the river - so we walked. We walked so far he picked up Cleo's scent!
If he wasn't crying before then he sure as hell was by the time he smelt her.
He wanted to follow the scent all the way to the usual place.
We went half way - then I headed him back toward home.
Ohhh the whining.

Then he stopped whining. His tail dropped. His head dropped. Sad dog.
We walked back up the stop bank. He walked me into a giant pile of dog shit... guess that was payback for no Cleo this weekend?
It's really hard to explain to a dog (even a smart one) that Cleo is having a holiday she'll be back next weekend!
Ya see, Cleo and Romeo - they're a team. They're family. She holds a special place with Romeo.
Yeah, Troy is fun to race - but he's Troy. He's not Cleo. Cleo is his girl. He misses her dreadfully.

Anyway, I finally gave Colleen my number so she can text me - and we can get the boys together on a Sunday afternoon for a regular run.
I have a feeling Romeo likes Oscar more than Troy but he appreciates Troys athletic ability.
(And they both are capable of playing dirty.)

So, our half hour walk became two hours... and Romeo is knackered now. :D

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