Saturday, October 29, 2011

Saturday in our house

This morning I looked around the living room and it just plain pissed me off. Welcome to spring.
It was pretty obvious I needed to move EVERYTHING and clean... and well, MOVE EVERYTHING.

So I started with the couches. Pulled them out, cleaned under them, cleaned under the cushions, you get the idea. And I put the couches back, exactly where they were... and it annoyed me.

At that point I decided my desk and the couches needed to swap places. This posed to problems that I could see - one was the Internet cable (which really wasn't that big a problem, if need be I could go wireless... but the connection via cable is the other small problem is that...
my desk is HUGE.
Seriously, it takes up an entire corner of the room. I can't actually reach across my desk while sitting and just for reference I ain't short. In fact my screen sits so far away from me that I almost don't need glasses to see what I'm working on.

At this point it seemed wise to enlist the help of Action Man. What I required was his six feet six frame and muscle.
He was reluctant... but had thankfully forgotten how it went last time I wanted to move EVERYTHING. So he came down stairs to help and now, because he's quite clever, I kinda have my own office space... right here in the living room. It fits me and my stuff. I can still see out the window, still watch TV (if I so desire), I can still interact with the kids... but it's MY space.

Romeo has been moved away from the window and in front of what used to be the fireplace. He ended up with more space! The coffee table is under the window... the couches are where my desk used to be, and I've kinda encroached on the floor space a bit with my giant desk... but its all good. :)
It's different and will probably keep me happy for a wee while.
And now I know the Internet cable reaches all the way around the room and if I grow to hate this I can put everything back...

There is one issue.
It could be a source of major annoyance.

It's kinda hard to draw the living room curtains now.

Tonight Action Man and I are going to the Fireworks at the park... we're taking the Squealer and the Breezy because they have never been, but we're actually working (kinda). Admin One has roped us in to help out. So we'll be wearing Fire Police jackets. Oh it should be fun!!

Meanwhile, I kinda need to finish this cleaning off... the dining room needs attention.
Wonder what I can move there??? Not the big hutch dresser... that's fixed to the wall. (We're earthquake conscious in our house)

Last night was fun - actually yesterday was fun. Admin One spent the afternoon/evening here... we had wine, we had fish and chips, we had Human Target. Really what more could a person need???
And there was an awful lot of laughter. Admittedly some of that was directed at me and due to an incident involving my elbow, a full glass of wine and a fruit bowl that was on the table. It ended with this: this photo was taken by Admin One using her phone.

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