Sunday, October 9, 2011

Romeo and Cleo

Yesterday the weather turned to utter shite - it looked as though the weekend play date for Romeo and Cleo would be a wash. But no - the rain stopped just in time (leaving behind a wicked cold wind!).

We put Romeo in the truck and set off to the usual place.
What happens as we get close and he starts to see green out the window is usually a lot of excited whining. Really excited whining.
Yesterday he made no sound. He barely looked out the window.
We pulled into the usual spot to park - he stayed on his bed, not standing and whining, not watching for Cleo.
We were early so we stayed in the truck for about ten minutes. It was freaking cold down there. A lot colder than at home!
Greyhounds are very very intelligent dogs: Last weekend we went to the usual place - alone, no Cleo. It ended in with an unhappy Romeo searching for her, trying to follow the path we always take! I think yesterday he didn't want to get his hopes up!
Eventually Romeo stood up, ears alert and peered out the window. With him now more interested in the idea of a run - we let him out, locked up, and went for a walk.
The kids played.
Romeo wandered - pooped - wandered - kids played - rinse and repeat. Romeo started walking the way he always runs with Cleo. Looking, sniffing, following her two week old scent, staring into the horizon hopefully.
When the usual suspects arrived he was beside himself with joy.
He greeted Cleo with excited grumbling.
There was much "talking" - guess they had some catching up to do? Then a lot of pushing and shoving, and more talking.
And Romeo got cramp in his paw. And it was bad. He CRIED. We massaged it. It happened again when he tried to play. He CRIED. Cleo came to help with the massaging... she licked his foot. Romeo limped for a bit.
We walked him until he wanted to run.
Then it was game on.
Those two can really fly when they want too!

They chased, talked, chased, pushed, shoved, and had a great time.

Romeo is fast. Seriously fast. Cleo finally bet him though, in the last run. I don't know that she's ever beaten him like that before and this time I'm not sure that he pulled back.
Romeo has stridor - a left over from an injury where his trachea was broken - (before we gave him his forever home) - imagine how fast he'd be if he could breath properly?? It sounds awful when he's running hard but he doesn't stop. Kinda like a kid with bad croup. We used to stop him and walk him until the stridor stopped, now we leave him to sort it himself - he's learned how.
Even with his crap breathing he can beat her with ease. We usually all see him pull back a little to let her get ahead or hold back instead of beating her too quickly.

This time it looked like Cleo finally bet him fair and square! Go Cleo!!

Poor Romeo was having a pretty shit day. (He'd had a head tremor early in the day, then flea treatment that upset him so much he paced for half an hour, then his cramped paw, and his stridor kicked in pretty good during the fastest part of the run!) Next thing he did was run so hard he vomited - into his muzzle. (Our dog is a puker - he loves to run but then will take himself off for a drink - and then the vomit happens.)

So it was muzzle off, back on the leash, and walk.

Cleo cleaned up the puke. Nice!

I've started to notice things about Romeo and how he interacts with us all. At one point Anna went to gather the kids, Romeo had to go to. His pack.

(Last weekend we took him back to the truck while the kids went on to a play area - he walked looking back - watching them. Unhappy about the situation. He figured out we were taking the truck to meet them and as soon as he saw them he was fine!)

He watches where everyone is.
When he and Cleo were walking - they walked so close you couldn't get a piece of paper between them.

We had this really cool moment - nothing to do with dogs.
It was The Daughters.
They were walking in a line across the path... all four of them together.
Walking and talking. Just really sweet - the 12 yr old, 18 mth old, and both 5 yr olds... in a row.

One of those wish I'd had my camera moments... and yeah I forgot about my phone!

What I love about our doggie play dates - is how well the kids get on, and how much fun they have together. We have awesome kids.
Our dogs have an awesome pack.
We're very very lucky.

Anna told me about her idea for her Cleo and the Lion story. It's awesome. I hope she writes it!!!

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