Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Pretty sure it's Wednesday...

Remember how I was looking forward to the school holidays  - sleeping in past 6AM?
It's really not happening!

Sleep ended last night/early this morning at about 1AM.
This is what happens if I work late!
It becomes impossible to shut my brain off to get a decent sleep. Bit of a catch 22 really... if I hadn't written the scene, I would've been awake because I hadn't written it - as it was, I was awake because I had.

I was thinking the whole time I was writing - that it wasn't even that big a deal - this new scene. So very wrong. I'm not sure I like where this scene is headed and I don't know that I can stop it. It seems to take Ellie's haunting/craziness to a whole new level - even I don't know what to make of it!
I know Ellie is not insane.
That much I do know.
She is not her mother. She does not need medicating.
There is quite possibly a need for an exorcism  extended vacation.

Then there is the knowledge that the new scene is not isolated... it carries through the entire novel but is there ever an answer? And what if that answer is something from the Twilight Zone or X Files? Then what?
Toss my toys out of the playpen and start again?
Cathartic thought... but I know that if this scene is meant to be there, then it will stick with me no matter how many times I try to set it free. It's looking like I will have to accept what ever answer turns up and just go with it.

I live in fear of one-day writing myself into a corner... this could be the corner! I may need an eraser.

On a much lighter note,
my editor just asked me if I'd read and review a book.
I have never written a proper book review - I have no clue how. Guess I'm about to learn something new!

Oh what fun!

And a quick word about our long walk yesterday:
I walked Romeo about 7km into town and back. He made a lot of new friends. On the way home a gentleman saw us coming and waited for us. (Once again my Greyhound is attracting elderly gentlemen.) He simply wanted to talk about dogs - because he couldn't bring his dogs back from Australia with him. Romeo enjoyed the pats and attention. Before we left, he asked if he could hug him. Romeo loves hugs and was only too happy to oblige.

It's always nice to make someone smile.

Romeo has quite the talent for making people happy.

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