Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Of course it's research...

I wouldn't be watching DVD's of rock concerts on a Tuesday morning if it wasn't work. (Would I? Of course not! Goodness me... as if I'd be sitting around having a good time when I should be working. Shows how much you know.)

Yesterday afternoon was all about IEMs.

Today - I'm not quite sure... but it certainly involves a LOT of research. Which involves The Crush Tour and Bon Jovi Live at Madison Square Garden.
Not an easy job... but someone has to do it.

There was scene that needed tweaking in Soundbyte - but I've done that already. It wasn't difficult, I'd simply been lazy when I wrote it. A little Ketamine incident that needed work. (Everyone remember the rainbow people from killerbyte? - yeah, nothing like that.)

I'd rather like to be getting on with the edits for Flashbyte so I can move on and get back into this kiwi novel... yep, still no news. Limbo is not my favorite place... makes me stabby and I don't like knives. Perhaps it makes me shooty then?

I could be trying to finish this fuc'n song.
I can hear you whispering you know... "What song?" Well, the song in Soundbyte of course. Silly! Actually I mention a few songs that only exist in my head, so maybe they should also find their way to paper? (But let's not get carried away here, bad poetry is easy - but songs... not so much.)
Or I could take out the entire rock concert scene and that would solve that?
Yeah, nah. It really wouldn't. It's not like it's removable... it's important. Considering Ellie has been saying for sometime that she'd never ever go to another rock concert - it was quite the magic act just getting her to willingly attend. (Rowan must have something going for him.)
Had a thought then that made me laugh and no I'm not sharing - suffice to say, it's an age thing. Rowan Grange hasn't been around as long as Jon Bon Jovi. That is all.

It's raining. It's gotten cold again.
Very hard to be enthusiastic about anything on dripping cold days.
So I will leave you with this:

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