Thursday, October 6, 2011

Let go tonight

Today was one of those odd days leading into a restless night - they've happened all too often lately. Lacking in focus, seemingly going nowhere days.
Well, that's how they feel... I don't think they actually pan out as total time wastes at all, they just feel that way.

For example: About seven this morning I got this tweet:

Awesome! It was followed by this one:

Gotta love a horror author who gives me free range, right?
Oh hell yes!
So, I sat down to write the post. Ellie took over and it didn't take too long before it was done. (Few hours maybe.)

I'll put a link up here when it's live.
Last week I guest posted about writing over at Lee Pletzers blog.
So, today's guest post is the second in a week. Not too shabby.

I've also been blogging here regularly, and Ellie's been blogging as well. Neither write themselves.
So, a re-cap:
Good news for kiwis who like paperbacks
And Ellie's blog:
Minding my own business is dangerous
Captain Crash
It's a Glock - get over it.

Ya see, I haven't been as slack as I think I have.

Between posting various blogs and writing guest blogs, I've also been writing, and spent four hours yesterday trying to figure out CreateSpace... not sure that I have. I did however have a screaming slight fit moment when it crashed my laptop.
The thing is - you know how I pulled all The _byte shorts together and called them Torrent, and it's available on Kindle (for 99 cents or free if you ask me nicely.) - well, I thought it'd be cool if it was in paperback too. I know, right?
I'm not sure I'll ever really sell it - but maybe as giveaways or something, it'd be cool. We'll see. I'm waiting on the proof now. If it's rubbish, well, I'll scrap it - if it turns out decent then... I'll decide what to do with it.
I doubt the proof will arrive until late November, so plenty of time to forget about it and be stunned and surprised at my own cleverness (or lack of) when it gets here!! lol

Oh, yeah and there was quite a bit of time spent trying to purchase (as a download) Kevin Costner and Modern West's new album! Which is pretty much impossible from New Zealand at the moment... no matter how clever you think you are. :)
Took a long time for the last two albums to be available on iTunes down here... I'm sure I can wait. (Modern West became work music for me, when Kurt become a main character - if you've read exacerbyte you'll know why... it gets worse/better - depending on your point of view - in Flashbyte.)
Diving through the Kurt link up there somewhere ^^ will also give you access to the play list/chapter titles for all 4 Byte novels. They're fun.

I have also made some new Twitter friends: and they're all kinds of awesome.

I haven't been slacking off at all - by the looks of it - so why do I feel like I have?

Please excuse the fucky formating. Blogger is having some major issues!!!

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