Sunday, October 23, 2011

Labour weekend and (we won the WORLD CUP!)

It's Sunday morning. I woke with a migraine - which I suspect means my meds won't work that well, because it was already well entrenched before I woke up. Bugger. While they decide whether or not they'll work - I'm having a coffee and figured I'd tell you about Saturday.

The day started with less then stellar weather and a Tsunami advisory! Luckily the advisory was cancelled because we had beach plans. Screw the cold wind and grey day! We grabbed jackets and a blanket and towel for Romeo and off we went.
We met the usual suspects in the car parking area, muzzled the dogs - and they were off. Romeo was so damn excited to see his Cleo that he barely gave us humans a backward glance. They didn't even stop to sniff the beach or investigate anything. They had a couple of long conversations and raced along the sand and back, and raced along the sand and back, and raced along the sand and back - you get the idea. Our boy's tail wagged and wagged.
He was with Cleo and all was right in his world.

Meanwhile, the stragglers - we call them children, were finding treasure. Long stemmed roses to be precise that had washed up on the shore. They got a little close to the water for our liking. Anna went to deliver instructions and I got to cuddle baby Em. Poor Em wasn't feeling well and was not her usual smiley chatty self. Still it was nice carrying a little person for a while. Ours are way too big for carrying now!!

The dogs raced around like mad buggers. In and out of the water. Up and down the beach. Showing off for all they're worth. It's very hard not to stop and watch two such impressive animals racing and playing with each other. It was a game. A pretty rough game at times but still a game and hilarious to watch.
I think we have as much fun as they do - just watching the joy they exude when together.

So, our morning was fabulous. Dogs and kids - having fun. (And us big people had a blast as well!)

Then it was home to drop off tired Romeo and the mail had come:

It was very cool and fun cobbling together the Byte short stories and having them available in as many eFormats as possible over at Smashwords but then I got to thinking. It would be awesome to see those stories in print.

This is the proof copy of the print version.

Last night I tweaked it a bit and now I'm waiting for the new proofs to arrive.
They should be here in a few weeks, then I'll let you know where you can get your own copy, if you'd like one.

So, with Torrent in my handbag - we went up to Admin One's for pizza lunch and new deck viewing. Admin One has a marvelous outdoor pizza oven that she made a while ago. Admin Bubbles perused the print copy of Torrent and declared it awesome.
We made pizza, the kids made pizza and played with Admin One's dog Queenie and the multitude of cats. A jolly fun time was had by all.

After lunch we came back home to get ready for dinner. I put the finishing touches on the pumpkin soup and made pumpkin pie. And the Admins joined us for dinner and shooting.
Turns out I'm not a shit shot with my left hand any more. I can shoot with either hand with much success. Good to know.
Action Man was quite proud of my marksmanship.

It was a fun Saturday!

And everyone is tired this morning!!

Edited to include: The All Blacks won the Rugby World Cup last night. We won!!! We bet the French!!! Hooray!!! (Not that I had any doubt that we would!)
Well done boys. Well done indeed!  :)

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