Friday, October 14, 2011

Ghostly goings on?

Ellie has an interesting question.

Hop over to her blog and see if you can answer it. I know I can't. Seems I don't know enough about ghosts to be of any help.


Apart from Ellie's questions regarding things ghostly... not much going on this Friday.

The weather is no longer total crap.

Breezy is now officially asthmatic.
It was suspected but now we know for sure. Until today there hadn't been any wheezing from her - just coughing.
Well, now she wheezes and coughs. She is now on a preventer as well as Ventolin.
That should sort that out.

If I remember correctly Squealer was 5 almost 6 when she had her first bad asthma attack. Breezy is that now.

It's quiet here at the moment - the kids are at the park. Don't imagine they'll get rained out this time, so it might be peaceful for a little while yet.

What plans do you have for the weekend?

Don't think we really have any... 
at this point.  :)

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