Monday, October 10, 2011

First day of the spring holidays.

Okay so - today was quietish.

Monday, first day of the spring holidays... quiet.

I'm lying.

It's not been quiet at all.

This morning I wrote an email that took more guts than I thought I had - this afternoon I got a reply. A positive reply. A yes.

Holy fucn shit.

I can't tell you any more than that.

Just know, it's to do with Flashbyte - and it's something I wanted. (No, not movie, not TV, the book is still being edited and waiting on a release date. No, not the cover... which I know will be too awesome for words, because Jacques rocks!)

Admins and my family are fully aware how awesome this is and nobody else knows anything about it.
And that folks is how it will stay until nearer publication day. :D

Now, I'm going to go and pretend that I'm perfectly calm... when the reality is I'm a complete wreck but a delighted one!!

Think I might grab Romeo and go for a walk - a long walk.

In case you didn't see his gorgeous new bandanna:

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