Wednesday, October 19, 2011

DNS server, The Boy Wonder, exacerbyte... Wednesday!

Last night The Boy Wonder was given some men's clothing stores to check out by his current boss - in preparation for his interview in Auckland today. (Which will take his current job and very quickly turn it into a career if it goes well, which it will.) Checking out other companies stores online presence - dead easy, yes?

Should have been.

TelstraClear had a big fail. The DNS server fell over. Which meant no international sites would load. That's when you discover just how many of our 'local' sites aren't!
Big deal - we still had Trademe. Also still had Geonet. (Nice that no matter what happens in the world we can keep tabs on the current ground shaking events here and bid on crap that no one really needs but it's cheap and who can resist bidding on cheap crap?)

On the plus side - he'd thankfully just printed his boarding pass. Because without international sites there ain't no Gmail, or Hotmail or Yahoo... you get the picture.

This morning - The Boy Wonder was picked up by Admins One and Bubbles at 6:30AM - they are delivering him to Wellington Airport before going to work themselves. (Talk about handy dandy Admins.)

Strangely enough about five minutes after they left the DNS servers were back up and running.

So - nice to see you Internet... without you I wouldn't have seen this...

And this is EXACERBYTE's first foray into the top 5. Which is exciting for me!
Prior to today it had slipped into 9th spot recently and dallied in the top 15 for a few days.

The joy of having this book in the top 5 - priceless!

I know I've always said Terrorbyte is my favorite... just don't tell it that I'm favoring its younger sibling these days. Best not to let books know they're slowly being replaced in your affections by a younger stronger more exciting volume. There is no telling what they'll do next.
Although I suspect next time I take a copy of terrorbyte of the shelf I'll be in for a wicked paper cut.
I don't even want to think what will happen if I grab a copy of killerbyte!!
Probably a sharp reminder that killerbyte came first and is not to be trifled with. There may not be enough sticking plasters in the first aid kit for that.

See how I did that? To try and appease the book Gods I added two links each for terrorbyte and killerbyte but only one for exacerbyte. (Okay it was a big one, all caps... and it got a picture... what's your point?)

If you haven't read exacerbyte... now's good.
Just a heads up.... it's new sibling will hit the stores Feb/March 2012. Guess I should stock up on sticking plasters before then.

On that note... I shall bid you farewell, and go get some work done... and more coffee dammit!!

Just slipping this in trying not to upset the big books... Torrent. I don't dare add a picture today. The pages of the Byte books rustling on the shelf on my desk.... it's just like Ernie's ghostly gold tops a-rattling in their crate.

Be afraid.


Paul said...

I read Killerbyte and Terrorbyte and almost finished with Exacerbyte... it's the best yet. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Thank you!! You made my day. xx

I see you...

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