Saturday, October 15, 2011

The day after the night before and two authors you might like.

I have to admit to feeling just a tad hungover upon waking at 7:30 this morning. Just a tad.
Damn those new wine glasses and their capaciousness! But the Admins and I had some celebrating to do. And celebrate we did.

Today has been a day of nothing much.
Despite that I've done a lot of the usual things.

What I haven't done is write.

And I won't be working for the rest of the weekend.

Just lately I've been taking weekends off. And I like it. So much so, I'm going to keep on doing it. Makes the weekend a lot less stressful if I'm not trying to filter out unwanted noise so I can hear Ellie. (Trust me, that does make sense.)
Just a heads up on the release of Flashbyte - the 4th Byte it's looking like Feb/March 2012 - so you'll have time to re-read the first 3 and get reacquainted with Ellie and Delta A.

So today has been restful.
We took Dex out and bought him shoes for his birthday, then dropped Breezy at her friends for a play date, came home and shoved a large hunk of pig in the oven for dinner tonight.
I can smell it cooking. And it smells fantastic.

Just recently I've discovered a few new writers - namely, Jack Wallen and Jack Silkstone. (Two Jacks... what are the odds?)
I read Jack Wallen's I Zombie I a few weeks ago, and you know how I'm a sucker for a zombie story, right? Well, this one is a goodie! Gross but good. It's a fast and enjoyable read.
I enjoyed it so much I just bought My Zombie My  - yeah, a zombie sequel. Awesomeness!!
Jack Wallen writes a little like me - he's a smart ass who references pop culture, which makes it fun and makes the gross parts more bearable.
Give him try. :)

Now, moving on to Jack Silkstone.
I read Primal Origin right after I finished the other Jack's book ( two very different genres and both just as much fun as each other.) :)

From the opening paragraph I knew I'd enjoy it. I'm sucker for action - it's just how I am. The best way to describe Origin for me... It's like the A team on steroids but actually good.
(Chrissy, you'd like this one!)
I am awaiting the release of Primal Unleashed in a few days time.

Another really nice thing about both these authors is - they're on twitter and very approachable. I like that in an author. (It's something I try to be, so it's cool when I come across other authors kinda like me. To be fair, authors on a whole are pretty nice approachable people.)

Jack Wallen on Twitter

Jack Silkstone on Twitter

Right that's it from me for now.

Hope you all enjoy your weekend.

Thinking about running another series of interrogations through until Dec this year... thoughts? And who would you like me to put in the hot seat??

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