Thursday, October 13, 2011

Change equals opportunity, right?

Over the last two days I've messed around a good deal with this blog and Ellie's blog and my website. (and yeah, Twitter was not beyond my scope either... I changed the background there too)

I've been trying to find something I'm happy with.

The website is a win.

At first it was so-so, but now I actually like it. As for the rest - I don't like Ellie's blog so much, but this one is okay. It's easy to read and that's kinda important. :)
I doubt I'm done with Ellie's - I just need to come up with the perfect background picture and that might take awhile.

Things are in the process of changing elsewhere too.
More irritating changes than anything - apart from the exciting changes ahead for The Boy Wonder. Life just got a little bit harder but I'm sure we'll all manage. A huge increase in book sales would help!

Meanwhile - how do you all like the re-vamped blog?

I'm quite excited that the share buttons have finally shown up!! They were apparently there (according to blogger) but they really weren't.
Now you can all go nuts sharing the craziness all over the web. (Too subtle?)

Time for me to go start making dinner - children require feeding. Who knew?

Romeo might be a bit hungry too now he's been for a nice long walk around the park and half way to the usual place. Only half way, because I didn't want him picking up Cleo's scent.


Phil said...

I had the share buttons there/not there (I finally went my own way!) problem. Can happen (apparently) when you customise your blog a certain way but anyway, I like the refresh!

Anonymous said...

Those pesky buttons are fickle!

Thanks for dropping by Phil, glad you like the refresh. :D

I see you...

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