Friday, September 16, 2011

The weekend stretches ahead.

All in all the week wasn't too bad. Bit tired of rugby but madly in love with the haka flash mobs!! What girl doesn't love a good haka??

I wrote my first kids book, then I re-wrote it, cos I didn't like it that much. I like it more now. Action Man doesn't - he apparently doesn't like rhyming. I did point out it's for kids, and kids like rhyming. Would've been a shite load easier to write if it didn't rhyme - to be perfectly honest. Also, I have no idea why it does, it just does.
Oh well, it's done.

Hopefully we'll get a chance to meet up with Anna and Dave this weekend, and hand the book over to their kids. (So very nervous!)

Hmmm, I hear a guitar. I do believe Action Man is playing upstairs. Wow, it's been a while. That ain't the pignose amp either, he's got the big amp out. Crikey!

Doesn't look like there is much on the idiot box tonight. Not until late anyway, and I'll be asleep by then... if I'm very lucky. Meanwhile I shall resort to a DVD or maybe I'll read.

Romeo was playing outside this afternoon with the girls. It was sunny and he was having fun. Guess Friday is fun day for him too?

Tomorrow there is a GAP run - I think this time he'll enjoy it. He's run enough weekends with Cleo to know that running is fun now. Lots of fun. Romeo didn't like the last GAP run. He didn't like being separated from us by the fence and really did not enjoy the noisy argy-bargy, wanting out fairly early on. Now, he's quite vocal with Cleo - and they seem to have conversations, and he's way more willing to get in amongst it. That's a nice way of saying our boy races dirty. He's still got some competitive spirit there. Yay for muzzles!! lol

Right now, I'm heading for a wine bottle.
Feeling like I might deserve a nice glass of something red!

Hope you all had a good week.
Got plans for the weekend??

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